Next Generation of KIOSK Technology


Real Time Online Reporting

Dasan POS cloud based system provide you a real-time online reports wherever you are


Periodic Email Report

Our system can set up an automatic prior-day summary report sent to you with email daily. Same with the weekly and monthly reports.


Employee Management

Our employee management system allows easy transfer employees to a different location as well as set up different roles with different authority levels.


Multi Location Management

Dasan AIO POS solution enables to manage all your business locations with one simple system


Different Menu by Terminals

One store may have more than 1 menu and each POS terminal can have different menu displayed.


Kitchen Display

Full Integration with KDS system will give highest efficiency in your kitchen operation.

Powerful Features

Customer Management

Our POS system already have an integrated loyalty system, which is easy to setup. You can also make coupons, which you may print or email them to the customers. No need to get an extra loyalty system from external source.
A simple waiting list function that can keep track of customers waiting on line. It will track customer lists, how long the customer waited, how many guests in that party, and extra features that may be required.
Our system can store and remember customers’ data, which you may later search for all the history of what that customer bought, copy the same order they bought.

Easy & Simple Features

It’s easy! Simply touch the item on screen your customer wants and press pay button.
Multiple seasonal menus? or Even multiple menus by time frame? No problem. With our POS system, it’s quick and easy to swap multiple menus.
You can easily customize the POS by visualizing the menus and functions.
View what is important & hide what you don’t need on your online report.
Our simple hardware integration allows you to effectively Use or Choose what you need or what you have in your business.

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